Personal information protection policy

The Company (GREENCOLLAR Inc.) shall comply with applicable laws and other norms pertaining to the protection of personal information, and implement and maintain the following privacy policy in order to ensure proper use and management of personal information.

1. Core approach

In order to implement this policy, the Company has established internal rules and systems for handling personal information and anonymized information (collectively, “Personal Information”), and has established internal regulations and systems that all Company personnel (officers, full-time employees, contract employees, temporary employees, etc.) and subcontractors and stakeholders are notified of, and it ensures that they are properly carried out, maintained, and improved upon.

2. Proper management

(1) The Company shall endeavor to keep Personal Information accurate and up to date within the scope necessary for achieving its intended purposes of use.

(2) In order to prevent the loss, leakage, destruction, falsification, or otherwise of Personal Information, the Company shall take appropriate safety management measures and corrective measures.

3. Disclosure of purpose of use

(1) The Company shall obtain Personal Information in a fair and lawful means, and shall clarify, at the time of its acquisition (or by posting to the Company web site), necessary matters that include but are not limited to the purpose of use of said Personal Information.

(2) When acquiring Personal Information indirectly, the Company shall disclose necessary matters that include but are not limited to the purpose of use on its web site.

4. Compliance with purpose of use

(1) The Company shall use Personal Information within the scope of the intended purpose of use, doing so through appropriate procedures.

(2) In the event that the Company uses Personal Information beyond the stated purpose of use, it shall notify the person to whom the Personal Information pertains in advance and obtain its consent.

5. Provision to third parties

The Company may provide personal data to its subsidiaries, business partners, and other stakeholders following procedures required by laws, regulations, and other norms.

6. Supervision of contractors

Where outsourcing the handling of personal information, the Company shall properly supervise contractors such that they safely manage the personal information.

7. Disclosure/modification of retained personal data

The Company shall promptly respond to requests for disclosure, modification, or suspension of use of retained personal data following confirmation of the identity of the person.

8. Handling of anonymized information

(1) When creating or providing anonymized Personal Information, the Company shall disclose the necessary matters required by laws, regulations, and other norms on its website.

(2) The Company shall implement safety management measures per its internal regulations as concern anonymized data.

Created: May 8, 2020
Published: June 16, 2020

*The Company may revise the privacy policy posted on its website in order to improve the protection of personal information or to comply with changes in laws and regulations and other norms. Users are asked to periodically review the latest version of this policy.