GREENCOLLAR Inc. cultivates and sells luxury Japanese grape cultivars in Japan and New Zealand.
Mitsui Fudosan draws on its expertise in and deep understanding of Japanese attitudes to work, residential life, and leisure, to bring this new undertaking, a fusion of these three vectors, and propose new ways of living.
The core concept is living in a more human and humane way, in tandem with nature. The emblem of that idea is the "GREENCOLLAR" brand.
Moving away from notions of blue collar or white collar, we advocate a new way of life under the idea of a "green collar."


Working within the vastness of nature,
we draw on advanced cultivation techniques,
using our bodies, minds, and intuition
to cultivate the finest grapes.


Traveling between the northern and southern hemispheres,
we learn from the differing cultures and environments there,
ensuring that our grape growers are rich, diverse people
who pursue fulfilling ways of life.


We engage with our colleagues and clients,
interacting with the bounty of nature
to explore how to grow grapes
and consider ways of living.

The secret to what makes our grapes so delicious is something not found in conventional grape plantations:
Yamanashi Prefecture boasts Japan's longest daytime hours, and this is surpassed by Hawke's Bay in New Zealand, dubbed the "Fruit Bowl" of the country.
The arrangement of grape branches is carefully calculated during winter, and the leaves are scrupulously pruned and thinned to enable the grapes to obtain ample nutrients, creating a better flavor.
KOMOREBI: sunlight that trickles through gaps in the grape leaves. Exposure to KOMOREBI allows the grapes to become sweeter and more fragrant.

With advanced Japanese techniques, we take the finest Japanese grape varieties and raise them in Japan and New Zealand.
This luxurious, seldom-seen trick allows you to enjoy grapes during the two peak growing seasons of the year, creating a duality between the "obverse" and "reverse" growing seasons.
We encourage you to try this unique new approach, which turns the conventional notion of "seasonality" on its head and presents an entirely new way of enjoying grapes.

GOKU-SHUN "極旬" is produced at the obverse side of the earth, "OMOTE," and at the reverse side of the earth, "URA" to produce grapes throughout the year in season.
The kanji letter for season "旬" is a combination of two letters: "日:sun" and" 包:wrap".
GOKU-SHUN is the mastery of seasons on the earth. It is a Japanese variety craft grape that receives plenty of the sun and wraps the full deliciousness inside.

OMOTE-SHUN is a luxury grape varietal that grows lush in the ample sunlight of the prefecture.
Yamanashi Prefecture is also a signature production region, noted for having the highest volume of grapes produced in all of Japan.
Main harvest season: mid-August to early October

Using advanced Japanese techniques, we take the finest Japanese grape varieties and raise them in New Zealand.
During the off-season, we harvest fresh fruit in prime growing regions in the other hemisphere of the world, allowing us to steadily bring our clientele luxury grapes that are delicious and satisfying year-round.
We call the idea of delivering fresh grapes regardless of the time of year "URA-SHUN."

SHUN: Refers to the peak season for natural blessings like vegetables, fruit, and seafood.
OMOTE-SHUN: The Obverse. Grapes harvested in Japan between August and October, when Japanese grapes are at their most delicious.
URA-SHUN: The Reverse. Grapes harvested in New Zealand between February to April (the opposite to Japan's harvest season), when New Zealand grapes are at their most delicious.


Parent varietal: AKITSU21 × HAKUNAM
Country of origin: Japan
"A game-changer for grapes"
Combining a full-bodied sweetness and aroma,this is the most popular large-fruit grape.
They are seedless, and can be eaten with the skins.
The skin has just the right thickness and tension, adding the perfect texture to the rich sweetness and aroma and giving it a bracing accent.
This is an unforgettable flavor that since its emergence in 2006 has come to be loved by people of all ages, and is driving the growing trend for grapes.
*SHINE MUSCAT is currently only produced for OMOTE-SHUN.


Parent varietal: SHINE MUSCAT × WINK
Country of origin: Japan "A game-changer for grapes"
"The King of Red Grapes." Savor these deeply red, large pearls that are chock-full of fresh juice. These grapes combine the large fruit and sweetness of the SHINE MUSCAT with the bracing tart note of WINK grapes, creating a wonderful harmony.


Country of origin: Japan
"The original large grape". Developed over fifty years ago, this is a large grape that has been beloved for many years. It is seedless, has large fruits, and the flesh is firm and juicy.
This grape offers a rich aroma, sweetness, and a faintly acidic note.
Not only does it offer a delicious flavor, but this varietal also allows you to experience the origins of large-fruit grapes in Japan.

Production guidance officer

Utilizing specialized techniques in Yamanashi Prefecture, hallowed ground for grapes, we continue to produce the best, highest quality grapes for consumption.
As frontrunners in grape production, we continue to search for the best growing regions, and since 2015, we have cultivated grapes in Napier, New Zealand, growing Japanese cultivars through unique Japanese production techniques.

Executive Adviser
John James Patrick

As a member of the All Blacks (New Zealand's national rugby team), legendary athlete Kirwan competed in 96 games and was appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1989 for his contributions to the sport of rugby.
Having played around the world, including Japan, he retired in 1999. Since his retirement, he has been active as a professional coach.
From 2007 to 2011, he served as the head coach of Japan's national rugby team (leading them in two World Cup turnouts).
His contributions to early treatment of mental health have drawn acclaim, and he was knighted by the Queen of New Zealand, being bestowed the title of Sir.
At the Rugby World Cup 2019 held in Japan, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. helped draw attention to Kashiwa, a city planning the "smart city" of the future, by inviting the All Blacks for preseason training there.
In 2020, Kirwan took a deep interest in the potential and social significance of the GREENCOLLAR project, and he was appointed Executive Adviser of GREENCOLLAR New Zealand in order to support the project's growth in the country.


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