How we handle Personal Information

●Collection of Personal Information and its purposes of use, and how we use retained personal data

1. The Company (GREENCOLLAR Inc.) utilizes Personal Information for the purposes of providing information it deems beneficial to customers, such as for performance of contracts and transactions and introduction of products and services, as well as for market research and marketing purposes, within the scope of the business activities enumerated below.

⑴ Production, processing, and sale of grapes and agricultural products
⑵ Distribution and resale of grapes and agricultural products
⑶ Import and export of grapes & agricultural products
⑷ Storage and transportation of grapes and agricultural products
⑸ Outsourcing of business related to agricultural management, production, processing, and sales
⑹ Training of human resources related to agriculture
⑺ Technology development and sale of technologies related to agriculture
⑻ Operation of rental plantations
⑼ Operation of farming workshops and tourism farms
⑽ Management of leisure and overnight accommodation facilities
⑾ Management of agricultural product direct sales
⑿ Management of food and beverage business
⒀ Management of events and courses related to agriculture
⒁ Sale of agricultural equipment
⒂ Sale of clothing and accessories
⒃ All other businesses incidental or related to each of the preceding items

2. In addition to item 1 above, the Company uses Personal Information to introduce products and services offered by companies within the Mitsui Fudosan group of companies (consolidated subsidiaries of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. as listed on securities reports or other documents).

3. Information is also used where providing Personal Information to third parties to fulfill the purposes stated in items 1 and 2 above. The above notwithstanding, information may be used to satisfy other purposes, provided the purpose of use is explicitly identified.

●Provision of Personal Information to third parties

1. In addition to where provision is mandated by laws or regulations, the Company may provide Personal Information to Company subsidiaries, partners, and third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated in item 3 of the section “Collection of Personal Information and its purposes of use, and how we use retained personal data.”
2. Information provided shall be limited to the minimum necessary items: in addition to name, address, and telephone number, any other items necessary for the specific business in question.
3. Where providing information to a third party, it shall be provided using documents, postal mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, electronic media, or other formats with due consideration to the safety of the content. Where providing electronic data, it shall be encrypted.
4. We will suspend provision to a third party upon request from the person to whom the information pertains. Please contact the corresponding Personal Information handling support office for details.

●Handling of Personal Information at linked sites

This website contains links to the websites of other companies in order to provide useful information and services to our customers. Note that the Company waives all liability for the collection of Personal Information on external sites linked to from this one. Users visiting external sites are asked to do so at their own discretion.

Created: May 8, 2020
Published: June 16, 2020