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How we handle Personal Information

Please refer to the following pages for information on the Personal Information protection policy and how we handle Personal Information on this website.

Personal Information protection policy
How we handle Personal Information

Copyrights and trademarks:

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Information we provide:

We take due effort to prevent accidental damage or disadvantage to customers as a result of information provided on this web site and endeavor to post the latest and most accurate information; however, the Company makes no warranty as regards the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or fitness for a given purpose of said information. Therefore, the Company waives liability for any damage or disadvantage to customers arising from actions taken By them based on said information.

Incidents while browsing:

The Company waives all liability for damages or disadvantage arising from software or hardware malfunction or other incidents, infection from computer viruses, or loss or damage of data resulting from use of the website, and waives all liability for damages or disadvantages arising from issues arising between customers, or between customers and third parties.

Contact from customers:

The Company waives liability for the non-arrival of e-mail or requests for material from customers as a result of malfunction or Internet incidents.

Information disseminated to customers:

The copyright to e-mails sent to customers by the Company vests with the Company. Said content shall not be reprinted on other web sites or printed matter without the express permission of the Company.

Changes to post content:

The information, services, addresses, and other content on this website may be added to, changed, or removed without prior notice to the customer.

The Company waives any liability for content posted to bulletin boards or other pages within this website. In addition, the Company may delete all or part of written content or posts without prior notice if it deems that it contains inappropriate content.

Links to this website:

If you wish to link to the top page (index) of this website, please contact the webmaster using the e-mail address below. However, if the Company deems that the site linking back to our site is inappropriate, such as content that is contrary to public order and morals, adult content, websites that contain content slandering the Company, etc., we may refuse the link.


Created: May 8, 2020
Published: June 16, 2020